Japanese Remedial Massage and Manual Therapy
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About Yumeiho

About Yumeiho

Yumeiho® therapy is a profound holistic Japanese technique of deep tissue massage and manual therapy aiming to improve and maintain the entire physical, mental and emotional health of the body

As a massage treatment is excellent to release the accumulated stress and spams in the muscles, its rejuvenating and relaxing effects are unquestionable.

But it is far beyond more than that!

It is  a powerful method to address:

  • The entire spinal column’s problems: neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, disc herniation, scoliosis, joint dislocations
  • Sport injuries
  • Mental and physical stress
  • Stress related broader effects: headaches, anxiety, agitation, depression, insomnia
  • Obesity, underweight
  • Cardiovascular problems:  high or low blood pressure, conditions after stroke
  • Metabolic disorders: diabetes, leanness
  • Gynecological problems: irregular or painful menstruation, difficulty in getting pregnant


Yumeiho® therapy consists about 100 massage techniques by kneading and compression and adjustments of the vertebral column, hip bones and joints.

It mobilizes the self-healing forces of the human body with restoring the balance and symmetry of it, considering the pelvis as the symmetry center.  Any small dislocation of the hip bones could cause an imbalance in the center of gravity, leading to certain disfunctions or in long term to certain diseases.

The purpose of Yumeiho® therapy is to address these dislocations, smoothen the spamatic muscles, ajdust the joints where necessary and regain the harmonious simmetry in our entire  system.

A session lasts about 55 minutes and the treatment is performed on a special mattress placed on the floor.

During the therapy session the client is fully clothed in comfortable and loose trousers or tights and T-shirt.