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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

AKOS BOGSCHUTZ – 5 dan Yumeiho® Therapist and Official Teacher, Medical Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

I have been doing Yumeiho® therapy since 2004 and became an official teacher of this technique in 2019. I have a huge experience in working with patients with lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and other musculoskeletal problems. Yumeiho is a holistic approach which can be adapted to different needs like back pain, sport injuries, aging, overworking, discus degeneration or even mental stress. I am based in Brighton & Hove but I do treatments in Budapest and Berlin too.



GABRIELLA KURTHI -4 dan Yumeiho® Therapist

I dedicate myself to treat my clients in a sensitive and holistic way, taking into account all aspects of someone’s life – including occupation, stress level, lifestyle, and general health.

Throughout the years I discovered how interrelated are our symptoms with our mind, body and soul.

The magical key is balance! To regain the balance within our inner, entire system. And this is where Yumeiho® therapy is shining out of the other massage techniques: it helps to regain our entire balance.

Fields of expertise: musculoskeletal problems, lower back pain treatment, pregnancy massage and Yumeiho® baby program for prospective mothers.

Working both in Brighton and sometimes in Budapest.



Yumeiho Therapy massage for runners or sports fans

We are launching now our special offer for the Brighton Marathon runners to prepare them to succeed and recover at fast space.





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