Japanese Remedial Massage and Manual Therapy



This page is for you if you are…

… an enployee who wants to enchant your boss to introduce on-site massage to your workplace.

… an employer who wants to increase well-being and loyalty of your staff.

Yumeiho therapy is suitable for on-site massage service as it doesn’t require to be undressed and no sticky creams applied. For reference I am the massage provider for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Limited (Uxbridge, London) and insured by Balens Ltd.


Yumeiho massage 30 min session onsite: £20

Payed by the company or individually


As an example see below how our online booking system works in case of need. A comlete Yumeiho session requires 60 minutes but in an office the 30 minutes slot is more relevant.


Prevention is always better than a cure

Many companies have already discovered the effectiveness and convenience of introducing therapies in the workplace.
It is my privilege to offer your organization an opportunity which could promote and strengthen employee profitability, helping to de-stress and improve the health and well-being of staff.
Having more than 10 year experience as a practicing massage therapist and also specialized on lower back pain treatments I can provide a targeted therapy to all my clients, combining the elements of chiropractic massage, sport massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage and relaxation.
Sedentary job on daily basis – filled with tough deadlines and meetings – can increase the risk of problems in the back, neck and shoulders, often resulting in headache and pain in the affected areas, and, sometimes leading to loss of concentration and accumulated stress.
Office freshening massage is one of the best available prevention methods which can be simply fitted in the working day.


Office massage

Delivers the ultimate assistance to melt away stress and lift the energy and atmosphere in your workplace.
Quickly refreshes strained body parts, greatly improves blood circulation which increases concentration and performance.
Prevents organ problems. Using unique techniques office massage relaxes constantly used muscle groups.
Reduces the undesired effects of improper posture and a sitting position.
Special attention is focused on the 7 most common high stress areas including the scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and feet.
The session is performed on the company’s premises, so no time is lost in travel.
The client is fully clothed and comfortably seated.  And in just 20-30 minutes can experience complete relaxation through the release of stress and tension.


An excellent employee benefit

Increases mental and physical performance as well as concentration.
Heightens feeling of appreciation and well-being of staff.
Strengthen employee loyalty.
Requires no change of clothing or special preparations.
Takes up minimal space.
Thank you for your kind attention and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call me at 077 4503 5991 or email me at yumeiho.brighton@gmail.com