Sport Therapy


Welcome to my website!

My name is Akosh Bogschutz, I am a Yumeiho therapist (4 dan), medical massage therapist (level 3), yoga instructor (BCs). Please find more information on LinkedIN, here on my website, or find my page on facebook or instagram as Yumeiho Therapy  Brighton.

I played waterpolo in Hungary when I was a younger but here and now I would like to show my interest as a Yumeiho therapist to be involved with local sporlife. What I can offer is a suplementary therapy to support the players’ health. The therapy I use originates from the Shaolin monks who used to maintain and improve the fighters’ performance, prepare their bodies for injuries and activate the natural self-healing power for regeneration.

Yumeiho therapy is not a well known therapy in the UK yet, there are only a few practitioners throughout the country with varying amounts of experience. I’ve been doing it since 2004 and I primarily become a specialist of lumbago and slipped discs but the other group of my clients came with sport related issues. For comparison in one treatment I did the job of the following 3 therapists: a medical/sport massage therapist, an acupessure/Shiatsu practitioner and a chiropractor. Being a medical massage therapist I can work in a medical team and last but not least I do kinesio taping too.

Football, cricket, darts, tennis, golf are asymmetric sports which leave there signs on the body. Some sports require quick changes of direction/movement wich have an impact on the spine as well, not to mention the man-to-man injuries. Generally Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is a kind of holistic deep tissue massage and manual therapy technique based on the theory that by resetting the symmetry of our body it allows a normal, balanced flow of energy throughout the entire body. It can be applied as prevention or rehabilitation. It works on both anatomical and life-force levels.

I am certain that I can improve any team’s performance. If you are interesed in giving this therapy a try please contact me on 07745035991 or via email

If it has worked for the Shaolins why wouldn’t it be good for you?