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Yumeiho course

Yumeiho course

Are you searching for a new profession in your life and would like to help people?

Or you are a health care professional interested to do something special?

Already a massage therapist seeking for a post gradual study to enlarge your clinic?

Or just simply want to learn a method to help your beloved ones with a special treatment?


The first stage is about learning the basic techniques and principles of Yumeiho massage.

Afterwards you can still decide if you want to go on with the training program to become a professional Yumeiho® therapist with a Japanese certificate.



“In April 2019 I had the opportunity to take part into the 6th Yumeiho® World
Meeting in Japan, which is designed for Teachers of Yumeiho® Therapy and is
also the venue for the 5 dan exam, to become an Official Teacher.

After the successful exam now I am eligible to run Yumeiho® courses for 1, 2
and 3 dan level students, initiating exams and issuing diplomas as well.”

Akos Bogschutz, 5 dan Yumeiho®therapist, Brighton, UK



Deegrees in Yumeiho® Therapy:

1st dan – is enough to give a massage to friends and family as non-professional practitioner

2nd dan – you can work as a trainee therapist with the supervision and consent of your teacher

3rd dan – After one year of practice on 2 dan level you can do an advanced course which gives a deeper insight into the art of Yumeiho® therapy. By the end of the course you would be able to work on your own as a therapist.

Above 3 dan the higher levels are for teaching purposes.


The course prices are as follows in Brighton:

1st dan £800

2nd dan £1000

3rd dan £1200

Each level requires 60 hours of training and after the successful course you can take an exam and receive a diploma for it. The price of the exam is £50

The diploma prices are:

1st dan $100

2nd dan $200

3rd  dan $400

issued by the Japanese Yumeiho Centre.

If you are interested in Yumeiho® Therapy courses in or out of Brighton, please enquire via email (yumeiho.brighton@gmail.com)


NEXT COURSES for 1st dan from 18th and 21st of September


WEEKEND COURSE DATES (6 days, 9am – 5pm )


21 Saturday

22 Sunday

29 Sunday


6 Sunday

12 Saturday

20  Sunday (exam)

WEEKDAY COURSE DATES (10 half-days, 9am – 1pm and exam day)


18 Wednesday 20 Friday

25 Wednesday 27 Friday


2 Wednesday 4 Friday

9 Wednesday 11 Friday

16 Wednesday 18 Friday

20 Sunday (exam)

You can apply until 10th of September via email (yumeiho.brighton@gmail.com)


What are you going to learn?

The course will teach you:

  • to do a postural assessment on a patient
  • to understand the present needs or painful points of someone
  • to understand the body language and its signs
  • to learn the Yumeiho techniques and later on to use for targeted therapies

Some useful links:

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Yumeiho in the UK